Mary Shelley Wiki

This section of the wiki explores Mary Shelley's cultural impact, primarily through adaptations and reappropriation of her works, as well as other literary and historical allusions.  As you might expect, Shelley's cultural impact is most notably attached to her most famous novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.  However, as Shelley's other novels and writings find more interest from scholars and students of the period, there is likely to be an increase in the impact of Shelley's other works.  

We hope that this wiki contributes to an increase in both accessibility to and interest in Shelley's continued importance to the Romantic Period as well as the present.

The Cultural Impact section of this wiki is divided into three (3) major sections:

  • Adaptations & Appropriations, including theater, film, graphic novels, comic books, and other textual versions of the story including literature for children and young adults.
  • Visual Ephemera, including political cartoons, theatrical playbills and posters, and other artistic renderings.
  • Merchandise, including toys & games, collector's items such as film memorabilia, and other knick-knacks that propagate the Frankenstein myth in some shape or form.