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​Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is one of the most adapted novels of all time.  Below is an ever-growing list of "direct" film adaptations of M. Shelley's works or sequels of those works.  For organizational purposes, this wiki defines "adaptation" as a work that closely adheres to the plot or structure of Shelley's text(s), although individual adapters often take many liberties in their creative decisions. For works inspired by, but not focused on Shelley's text(s), see the "Appropriations" section of this wiki.

Frankenstein Film Adaptations, Sequels, and Appropriations

The following films are either adaptations or sequels to adaptations where Victor Frankenstein and/or his Creature (or characters closely resembling these two) are central characters.  

Universal Studios Series

Hammer Studios Series

All Other Frankenstein Films


Films About M. Shelley's Life

  • Gothic (1986)
  • Remando al Viento  - a.k.a. Rowing with the Wind  (1988)
  • Frankenstein: Birth of a Monster (2003, TV movie)