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Welcome to the Mary Shelley Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the Romantic author Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, her world, her work, and her continued impact in popular culture.  The goal of this wiki is to be a resource for students and scholars.  

Most information is provided by students enrolled in an advanced course on Mary Shelley's circle, writings, and cultural impact at the University of Arkansas. The project will continue to grow with future course offerings.  We welcome engagement from other scholars and students of Shelley's works and legacy.  

The wiki is led by Lissette Lopez Szwydky, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Arkansas.  Feel free to contact with questions or comments related to this wiki.  We are especially interested in collaborating with other students and scholars interested in contributing to this site.  

Editorial Assistants: Kelsey Berkel (Spring 2014); Olivia Taylor (Spring 2016); Colleen Boardman (Spring 2016); Jacob Campbell (Spring 2016).

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