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This section of the Wikia is dedicated to the scholarship that has sprung up around Mary Shelley's influence, her works, and the literary period in which she lived. Many writers, past and present, are contributing their own perspectives and opinions on these subjects in the form of published books, articles, and online archives. In a similar way, this Wikia and many of its pages are also a form of Shelley scholarship. This section may be particularly useful to academics and students interested in secondary sources on particular themes in Frankenstein, bibliographic information on Shelley and Her Circle, and adaptation or comparative literature studies.

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Annotated Bibliographies

Sets of bibliographic citations, compiled by topic. A brief description and evaluation paragraph follows each citation, lending insight to scholars searching for secondary sources within the context of this Wikia.


Analyses and reviews of books on Mary Shelley and her Circle, the Romantic period, and more. Current topics include:

  • Biographies of Mary Shelley and Her Circle
  • Literary Scholarship on Mary Shelley's Works
  • Cultural Studies & Adaptation
  • Romantic Period Scholarship


Reviews of scholarly articles written on Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus and The Last Man.

Resources & Web Archives

A descriptive list of online resources, databases, and archives arranged by topic. Currently extends to the following subjects:

  • Public Digital Archives on Mary Shelley and Her Circle
  • Frankenstein Resources
  • Romanticism Resources