This section of will start intense development in Spring 2015 by students enrolled in "Romanticism: Revolution, Nature, and The Gothic," a course for advanced undergraduate majors and graduate students at the University of Arkansas.  

Revolution and/in Romanticism

American Revolution

  • Thomas Paine, Common Sense

French Revolution

Non-Fiction Prose


  • William Wordsworth, selections from The Prelude (1805/1850)

Slavery and Abolition


Slave Narratives

Novels, Poetry, and Drama

Three-Fingered Jack, "The Terror of Jamaica"

Gender and Revolution in the Romantic Period

Nature in Romanticism

Non-Fiction Prose


Romanticism and the Gothic


Other Literary Themes and Imagery

General Resources

  • Romantic Circles : A refereed scholarly website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture.  
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